Buyer Services

When buying a home, it is important to be accompanied by an Exclusive Buyer's Agent ("EBA") that can guide you and educate you on real estate and a home buyer's options.  With the help of an EBA, you will be provided with services that will make the home buying experience a thousand times less stressful.
Buyer Services Include:

  • Counseling Buyer / Client to determine financial capabilities, options, and needs
  • Researching and matching available inventory with needs and budget
  • Pre-viewing for and viewing properties with Buyer / Client
  • Analyzing and demonstrating the real value of a selected property
  • Disclosing both positive and negative aspects of the property chosen
  • Negotiating the contract for Buyer's best interests and rights
  • Arranging for proper choices of available financing and loan placement
  • Organizing inspections and restoration
  • Preparing for closing and delivery of the property
  • Follow up with professional services as needed or requested, after the closing

Our knowledgeable and professional staff is here to answer any questions you have about buying a new   or resale home.  For all your real estate needs, we will provide you with the highest quality of honest and reliable advice and representation that you can trust.

Homebuyer Benefits

At APL Properties, we offer a C.A.R.L.O.A.D of benefits for the homebuyers to guide them through the Real Estate Investment process. You will discover why $ervice, $avings and $atisfaction is the norm for the Homebuyer using an EBA.  From professionalism and reliability to finding the perfect place for you to call home, we will provide you with the service you need to get the home that you've always wanted!
- Confidentiality
Based on the nature of Trust and Confidence, we perform our fiduciary duties in guarding all -- not just part -- of your motivation and secrets.  They are closely guarded and are never used against you in a transaction.  No leaking of your secrets to the seller's side.

- Accountability
Answerable; Explainable!  Not just your dollars are totally accounted for as though they belonged to the Agent.  All discovered information (personal, public or obvious) about the seller and the property that might affect the Buyer's decision is made available to YOU the Buyer!

- Reasonable Care
In an exercise of sound judgment, we always elevate the interests of the Buyer (our Principle) above that of the Agent. Our documents demonstrate clearly our high regard for the Buyer.

- Loyalty
Fidelity; Allegiance; Devotion; The quality of faithfulness, stability, dependability, and devotion that you would expect from your own personal friend; Trustworthy; Exactness in following instructions.

- Obedience
We are obedient in following the directions and instruction of our client – the Buyer. We honor the authority granted to us as your Agent.

- Advocacy
We take the position of advocate for the Buyer.  We are professional and we are not timid in negotiations.  We use our professional skills and expertise to obtain all of the benefits requested and beyond for our Buyers

- Due Diligence
We take the care that a reasonable and well-qualified Exclusive Buyer's Agent "EBA" would exercise to avoid harm to our Buyers and their property. We disclose  all material matters of discovery to our Buyers.
Our knowledgeable and professional staff is here to answer any questions you have about buying a new or resale home.  For all your real estate needs, we will provide you with the highest quality of honest and reliable advice and representation that you can trust.

Exclusive Buyer's Agent

Limited Dual Representation is where one agent  gives, to one party in a transaction, a limited amount of Confidentiality, Accountability, Reasonable Care, Loyalty, Obedience, Advocacy and Due Diligence; while, AT THE SAME TIME, he or she is giving a limited amount of the same Virtues and Values to the other side of the transaction! In this situation conditions are rife with "Conflict of Interest" factor that cannot be avoided in "Limited Dual Agency"!  "I will be 'fair' with you", says the Limited-Agent.  Trying to be "fair", is trying to be a "Judge" of who should get certain benefits in the transaction.  That's not being an Exclusive Advocate For The Buyer!
We have always glowed with excitement at the idea of getting something of value for nothing. Most of us realize, by the time we are adults in an American society, that there are very few things free in commerce.  The air we breathe and the open sunlight is still free and that is because human greed has not figured a way to tax it or make a profit on it.  We have contrived a way to charge for water, food, shelter, a place to exercise, energy, transportation and communication.  I and my family need all of these things, so, I am in the trap of needing to charge something for the professional services we render to Buyers of Real Estate that we assist.
When we have a house to sell,  we call a Realtor® who offers to "List" the property and to promote it in the market place to generate offers, from Potential Buyers, as close to the "Listed Price" as possible.  That "Listing Agent" represents the Seller and instructs the Seller that, in most cases, the "fee" agreed upon will be split with another agent for "finding and bringing a ready, willing and able Buyer to the transaction."  The total fee charged on the Listing Contract is agreed upon by the Seller and the Listing Agent and is not set by any group of people outside the transaction.  However, trends and ranges emerge and become obvious.  So, some will call the fees "Normal", which is prohibited by law.  Five to seven percent of the selling price is a number that many brokerage firms have determined is necessary to stay in business, and those numbers frequently appear on listing and MLS documents.
The "Listing" Agreement provides:  For services performed by and for people (Seller, Buyer, Agents, Lender, Appraiser, Inspectors, Title and Escrow), involved with a sale and purchase.  Such things as values, times, events and benefits are also addressed.  Agency, is addressed too and in today's world, specific laws provide for each, the Seller and the Buyer to be represented by Exclusive Agency.
When an EBA is involved, the courts have ruled that the EBA, can accept payment for services rendered from people on either side of the table.   This is because a Buyer might have limited funds and some proceeds of the loan might be required to pay for many of the Buyer's services.  It is customary for the Buyer's cash down payment and the proceeds of the Buyer's loan amount be credited to the seller and then the "fees" are shown on the HUD-1 to be "paid" by the Seller.  To do it otherwise confuses some people at all levels of the transaction.  Therefore, we presently dance with custom and get the deal done and the people involved made happy or at least satisfied.
The "Fee" charged by any Agent, is usually agreed upon as a percentage of either the "Selling Price" or with some EBA's the "Listed Price" (removing the "conflict of interest" factor).  It can also be agreed upon as a "flat fee", which will cover a range of transaction prices.  The fees can also be charged on an hourly basis for specific services to be performed.  Fees can be paid in advance, on a progress basis or at the closing table.  Most fees are paid at closing, as that is when the most money is flowing in the transaction.
The Seller pays, per the Listing Agreement. Only the X % stated in the Agreement computed on the "Selling Price".  Is what the Seller is obligated to pay.  That portion of the "Marketing Fee" designated for the Buyer's Agent (usually 50% of the total fee stated) is given to the EBA at the closing of escrow.  For example, if the Buyer and the EBA have agreed that the EBA's fee should be 3.0% of the Listed Price, the EBA's services might conceivably cost the Buyer 3.0% of the amount saved between the Listed Price and the Selling Price.  Conversely, if the Seller and Its Agent are offering 3.5% of the Selling Price to the Buyer's Agent, in such event, the Buyer would receive the difference as a "Commission" refund on the HUD-1.