With over 25 years of experience APL Properties, LLC is your complete property management solution. With full scale property management services, we provide the highest level of service to each and every one of our clients. From investors to renters, we treat all of our clients with the highest level of personalized attention and care in order to provide premium services and satisfaction.  You can be assured that APL Properties, LLC, will be with you and keep you updated in every step of the process.

By involving ourselves in all aspects of property management and with the assistance of our in-house Buyer/Broker, APL Properties, LLC can guide both owners and tenants through the investment or rental process seamlessly, efficiently and with the best possible results.  Whether you are looking to invest or lease, let APL be your first stop for all your property needs.

Rental Properties

At APL Properties, LLC, we offer tenants a wide variety of rental and lease options. We have a large selection of rental properties available to suit your needs.

We at APL Properties, LLC, work with tenants of walks of life, from the long term seasoned renter to young adults starting out for the first time to a property owner transitioning into their new home. We take pride in matching tenant with just the right property they can feel proud to call home.

Available Properties for Rent (pdf)

List containing steps to rent a property

Rental Application Download (pdf)

Rental Applications are accepted ONLY after a tenant has viewed the inside of a residence with the property manager. The rental application must be signed by all adults who intend to live at the premises and submitted with the non-refundable application fee.

Property Owners

We present your property to the largest available rental market.
We are always aware of current market conditions. This allows your property to be rented for an amount that the market will allow for its particular area and the condition of the property. APL Properties, LLC is highly motivated to see that your property(s) that are managed by us are rented. Our staff maintains frequent communication with owners regarding the activity that has taken place on vacant properties. As a “team” decisions are made to assure you have a “rented” property.
Our computer system enables us to maintain an exhaustive list of all features that make your property desirable and special.
We minimize your rent loss by advertising your vacant property on a continual basis at pertinent locations until it is rented, per the management agreement.
We also list vacancies with home-finder agencies and a network of independent leasing agents, including the Tucson Association of Realtors Multiple Listing Service.
We lease only to tenants we deem qualified and responsible through our rental application process.
We are experienced in judging credit worthiness. One of three major factors in determining the rent worthiness of a tenant.
We verify credit, employment, banking, prior rental history, criminal background and other appropriate references as provided by the prospective tenant through a complete rental application process.
We take the time with each new tenant to explain the benefits and responsibilities of leasing a home from us. We are available to resolve any property problems in minimum time. We have emergency after hours telephone service available to meet tenant's needs.
We provide you, the property owner, with protection through the use of property lease agreements, deposit forms, inspections, inventory controls, monthly accounting and prompt delivery of late notices.
We take fair, appropriate security and pet deposits.
Our comprehensive screening procedures assure you of the most desirable tenants.
We maintain and update an inventory of all personal items that are a part of your property.
We consistently perform spot checks and announced routine property inspections.
Our key-control procedures help to protect you and the tenant against unauthorized entry.
We provide qualified, reasonably priced repair personnel who will get the job done right.
We are knowledgeable about maintenance matters; since we deal with this daily, we know what repairs should cost and how long they will take to complete.
Maintenance work is controlled and supervised. Because of the volume of work we give local firms, we have the respect necessary to assure quality performance.
We help avoid costly repairs and replacements through routine preventive maintenance inspections and service.
We protect the value of your investment by maintaining your property, as your budget allows.
On most individual properties APL Properties, LLC does not require a set-up fee, when we acquire a new property to manage. When we take on multi-units a setup fee may be negotiated, prior to executing the employment agreement.
APL Properties, LLC, requires a reserve amount for each property managed. The typical reserve amount held for your benefit in your account is $250.00 per property. The reserve amount may be negotiated for multiple units
Monthly management fee. APL Properties, LLC, receives a management fee only when properties are rented. No management fee is assessed on vacant properties. The management fee may vary and is negotiated between Broker and Client/Owner. An Owner with multiple units may receive a concession on the fees. Ten percent (10%) of the gross receipts is an average rate.
We do all the bookkeeping and accounting chores for you. Our computer system keeps complete, accurate records of every income and expense item that affects your property.
Our convenient monthly statements provide you with full, itemized records of all transactions.
Our end-of-year statement simplifies the job of tax preparation your you and your accountant.
Because we are computerized, we can meet your individual needs, including itemized summaries for tax preparation.
We have a pool of willing, potential investors, including other property owners and our tenants. This will be a great help to you when you find it is time to dispose of a property.
We keep abreast of current market conditions and active investors at all times.
We can minimize your selling costs by arranging to exchange properties with other clients. Our firm has conducted more than three hundred 1031 Tax- Deferred Exchanges utilizing the appropriate professionals in structuring the tax savings transactions.
Our extensive resources let us help you select an investment property that will help you achieve your goals in the light of current market condition to experience the highest possible return and tax advantages.


At APL Properties, LLC, we offer tenants a wide variety of rental and lease opportunities.  We have a large selection of rental properties available for you to choose from to suit your needs.

We at APL Properties, LLC, work with tenants from all walks of life, from the long term seasoned renter to young adults starting out for the first time, to a property owner transitioning into their new home. We take pride in matching tenants with just the right property they can feel proud to call home.

HOW TO GET STARTED: Typically a tenant calls in asking for available units or sees our advertising or one of our rental signs. Tenants are also directed to the Rental Property Available at our website.

RENTAL QUALIFICATIONS: We evaluate each tenant’s application on its own merit. We look for three major items which determine our ability to rent to you. They are: 1) Previous rental history; 2) Income Qualification; 3) Credit Worthiness. Two out of these three qualifications must be positive in order for us to rent to you. The final major item we consider is when we do the criminal background check -- that must stand on its own.  Rental Applications are accepted only after you have viewed the inside of the property and must be signed by all adults who intend to live at the premises.  Applicants will be required to provide a non-refundable application fee.

Rental Application Download (pdf)

We, at APL Properties, LLC, understand that sometimes things can happen to tarnish records and we evaluate each application on a case by case basis. We offer tenants a variety of lease options depending on their qualifications.

LEASE OPTIONS: A typical lease is a one year term. We do offer month to month leases at some locations to meet a tenant’s needs or based on their qualifications. Six month terms are also available on approval.

MAINTENANCE NEEDS AND 24-HOUR EMERGENCY Contact SERVICE: Unavoidably, maintenance concerns occur at all hours of the day or night. It is for this reason that we have emergency contact service available.   For those matters that can be resolved during the business day; after a work order is placed, our qualified vendors will contact you to schedule a time that is convenient for you to resolve the maintenance matter.

SECTION 8 RENTALS: We do have some properties that will accept Section 8 Tenants. Please contact us to determine if we have a property that will meet your needs. It is important to have your Section 8 Voucher available when you place the call.